True enough, and Wineberry’s 2010 Côtes du Rhône from Domaine le Garrigon was our clear favorite, with its fresh red fruit and mineral flavors. A juicy, pleasurable wine, it would be good for gulping but offers enough interest for those who care about what they are consuming. Eric Asimov

Wineberry Château du Chatelard Beaujolais 2018 (3L). Our evaluators like that this hefty wooden box looks elegant enough to bring to a dinner party. More important it contains a bright Beaujolais from France with notes of blackberry and currant. We’d suggest pairing this with a rich cheese like Camembert, or salumi, or an Italian cured meat. Consumer Reports July 2022 “Save More Waste Less”

Château Tassin White "A blend of sauvignon blanc and semillon, this white bordeaux has a crisp mineral finish and notes of citrus that would be a delight to find in a bottle for twice this price tag, let alone in the large-format packaging. Lauren Hubbard

It's like ... wait a second... this comes out of a bag in box? And not only does it come out of a bag in box... it comes out of a chic wooden box with a clever and convenient rope carrying handle - for when you have to walk home from the wine shop. Look- I get that no one wants the (aghast) stigma of drinking box wine - but frankly, box wine has come a long way since the "Hearty Burgundy" and the "Delicious Red" that my mom used to (ok - it's possible she still does) drink.

Crystal Faye Horton - Wine Director Del Frisco's NYC Steak House

Wineberry Château Tassin Bordeaux Blanc

Published on September 11, 2020

The 26 Best Boxed Wines
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